Life Works Community

Eddie Maintenance Manager of Life Works Community in Old Woking contacted CKD regarding an extraction he had in use, which had been installed 18 months previous.

Eddie’s problem was that the fan was not working efficiently causing excessive smoke in the kitchen area leading to uncomfortable conditions for the chefs and smells throughout the community centre. He had also been given several solutions and quotes for repair of the gas interlock system which ranged from £350.00 to £560.00 which he thought to be excessive.

Eddie contacted CKD, we carried out a site survey and found that the canopy was only 800mm deep and that the fan which was positioned in a small loft space two floors up, was not efficient enough to pull the smoke from the kitchen area.and the fact that it was not accessable meant that it had not been cleaned making the performance of the fan worse.

The solution to the problem was to replace the canopy with a 1000mm deep canopy take the extraction out of the right hand side of the canopy through a window and up two stories terminating with a cowl 1mtr above gutter level. The problem with the gas interlock system was very simple the pipe leading to the pressure flow switch was kinked not allowing the flow of air through.

As a result we had a very satisfied customer who now had an efficient extraction system whom we had saved a substantial amount of money on the interlock system for a problem which took 30 seconds to resolve.

Testimonials for CK Direct
Even though the Canopy was not a regular size, that didn’t seem to faze the estimator at CK Direct Ltd. Turnaround time and price were extremely competitive compared to the other extraction companies...
David Martin

Contracts Manager, Opera Grill Chester

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