Pipework Package Unit PPU

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Pipework Package Units (PPU) are used for water heater power regulation, i.e. for temperature control of supplied air by mixing hot water from boiler with recycled water in heat exchanger. Fully assembled pipework package is available to each size of the air handing unit where hot water heater is used.



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Domekt-R-200-V, Domekt-R-250-F, Domekt-R-300-V, Domekt-R-400-H, Domekt-R-400-F, Domekt-R-450-V, Domekt-R-500-H, Domekt-R-500-V, Domekt-R-600-H, Domekt-R-700-V, Domekt-R-700-H, Domekt-R-700-F, Domekt-CF-250-F, Domekt-CF-400-V, Domekt-CF-500-F, Domekt-CF-700-V, Domekt-CF-700-H, Domekt-CF-700-H, Domekt-CF-700-F, Domekt=S-800-F, Domekt-S-1000-F

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