HE75 High Performance Baffle Filter 496(H)x496(W)x45(D)mm

HE75 High Performance Baffle Filter 496(H)x496(W)x45(D)mm



  • High Performance Baffle Filter 75% Grease efficiency at 8 micron
  • 100% Flame barrier protection to DIN 18869-5
  • Cut safe safety edges
  • Fully welded construction – all stainless steel construction
  • Meets insurance requirements
  • Meets HVCA DW172 requirements
  • Folding handles and drain holes as standard
  • Robust baffle filter construction – built to last
  • Tested & certified to European standard DIN 18869-5
  • Tested to American standard UL1046
  • Tested & certified to ASTM 2519


Type 2 HE75
For use in commercial kitchens and ventilation to extract grease laden air and act as a fire barrier. CK Direct Ltd Type 2 HE75 is a positive flame barrier having been tested to European DIN Standard 18869-5 & American 1046 & ASTM2519.

The CK Direct TYPE 2 HE75 is developed for customers who wish to extract more grease from the air stream, following prolonged R&D we have designed a baffle filter with a micro screen on the exit to increase grease extraction. The result of this is a retrofit baffle filter that removes 75% of the grease at 8 microns. Tested to ASTM2519 this product significantly reduces duct cleaning, saving customers expenditure on ongoing cleaning costs. Conventional baffle filters extract grease in the region of 20 to 35% efficiency at 8 microns depending on the product design, the HE75 offers over twice the extraction rate. Custom sizes are available on request. CK Direct Type 2 Baffle design has a higher grease filtration efficiency than other baffle filters on the market due many years of R&D. Custom sizes are available on request.

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