Galvanised Mesh Filter 394(H)x394(W)x45(D)mm


  • The CK Direct Type 4 Mesh filter is manufactured using a patented expanded mesh, this offers a unique design based on many years of R&D. This results in a mesh that delivers greater Air or Grease arrest, integral strength and low pressure loss
  • Comes with a safety edge channel to offer greater strength and safety over conventional products available on the market place
  • Using an Expanded metal multi-layer pad we are able to offer a panel with greater rigidity and importantly the pad cannot migrate particles, which can be found in ‘ knit mesh’ filters, these types of panels can be hazardous where strands can break away from the filter
  • Due to the nature of the material that we use, its integral strength means when it comes to cleaning it will stand up well, and outlast panels of lesser constructions
  • Tested to Eurovent 4/5
  • Handles and drain holes are available
  • Available in Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium


Type 4
The CK Direct Type 4 mesh filter is the result of years of experience in the manufacture and development of filters for industrial markets worldwide. With over forty years of manufacturing experience our products brought to the market place today are clearly world class in price and product.
The CK Direct Type 4 is a superior grease & air filter, available in a large selection of sizes and materials options.

Our Mesh filters are of robust construction and are used for a variety of applications, grease and air or dust collection applications, coalescer and spark arrest, ideal as a air prefilter for large particle contaminants and widely used in high air volume applications.

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