Fogging Machine

General Specifications
• System is generally 1/4”BSP throughout
• Type 052H Nozzle requires 5 cubic feet per minute of compressed air at 5 bar pressure, FAD
• Liquid flow is approximately 8 to 10 litres per hour
• Ideal operating pressures are 5 bar air (75 psi)
• 1 bar liquid (15 psi)
• Nozzle can be mounted in any position
• Nozzle is non-drip
• One nozzle will spray a volume of 100m³ to a dense fog in 5 minutes
• Control panel electrical supply – 230vAC
• Countdown Timer provides a shut-off (or stop) after a pre-set time
• Constant selector also available – sprays until further action is taken
• Start button on control panel begins the spray operation
• Pressure tank capacity 18 litres – a second tank can be added with linking pipework, 36 litres

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• Separate tripod for the fogging nozzle assembly meaning you can place the nozzle where it is needed then move to the control panel a safe distance away to start fogging operation
• NON-drip nozzle assembly
• Sub-4 Micron Fog - Cloud-like fog that stays airborne while the system is running
• 100-cube area covered in 5 minutes operation time - massive output so quick turnaround times
• Fog small or large area’s
• 18 Litre tank capacity
• Nozzle consumes 8-Litre of the tanks solution per hour
• Runs from compressed air (compressor )
• Mains power for the control panel
• Ideal for all sanitization requirements
• 100% effective dry fog
• Daily, weekly or monthly rental - Or HP agreement’s available subject to credit checks - or outright purchase
• We supply the Electrolyzed water for the system
• Cost per litre £2.49 Plus VAT - supplied in 20L containers or 1000L IBC

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