• Only uses ordinary tap water – one Enozo3 bottle produces the equivalent of 600 gallons of ready to use chemical sanitiser 
  • No added detergents or harmful chemicals to be mixed, stored or discarded
  • A 100% natural, all-purpose cleaning and sanitising solution that works faster and more effectively than environmentally harmful chemical cleaning solutions.

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• Never runs out, just refill with tap water
• The EnozoPro generates ozonated water, a naturally-occurring cleaner and sanitizer
• No chemicals to breathe in or going to drain
• Non-irritating if in contact with skin
• Leaves no sticky chemical residues
• Returns to tap water after 10 minutes
• Ideal for regular cleaning of high traffic cross-contamination surfaces such as door handles, push plates and tables tops
• Rechargeable - 1 recharge lasts up to 10 refills
• Replaces multiple chemicals
• No more chemical-tainted, throw away plastic bottles
• Kills 99.9% of many of the harmful microbes in the first 30 seconds
• Effective on fungal and mould spores
• Works on hard non-porous surfaces, and also cleans and clears glass and mirrors

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