Electric Duct Air Heat (primary)

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The electric round duct heaters are intended to be used for heating of clean air in the ventilation systems. Also heaters can be used for heating or preheating function with air handling units.
The heaters can be supplied with or without installed electronic controller, with pressure and flow monitoring system. The heater case is made of aluzinc coated metal sheet, with sealing rubber for a tight connection with ventilation ducts system. The stainless steel heating elements are used in the heaters.


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EHC-125-1,0-1fSI/FC, EHC-160-1,0-1f SI/FC, EHC-160-1,5-1fSI/FC, EHC-1602,0-1f SI/FC, EHC-200-1,0-1f SI/FC, EHC-200-1,5-1f SI/FC, EHC-200-2,0-1f SI/FC, EHC-250-1,0-1fSI/FC, EHC-250-1,5-1f SI/FC, EHC-250-2,0-1f SI/FC, EHC-250-3,0-1f SI/FC, EHC-, EHC-315-3,0-1f SI/FC

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