CK ReCirc™ Recirculation Units

CK ReCirc™ units work as a normal Commercial Kitchen Extract System without the requirement of any external ducting.

With our advanced technology and air purification system. CK ReCirc™ units are suitable for any commercial cooking application.

With standard sized extract systems ranging from 1000 mm wide up to 6000 mm our units will fit anywhere.


For use above electrical appliances only CK ReCirc™ units are suitable for:

  • Airports
  • Coffee Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Public Houses
  • Shopping Centres
  • Football / Sports Stadiums
  • Temporary Catering Canteens
  • Listed Buildings with planning restrictions

With 4 different stages of Filtration removing grease, odour and smoke, at no extra cost we have added Franke Cascade™ High Efficiency Grease Filters to the extract hood giving you total confidence that your new system is Clean, Fire Safe, Cost efficient, Environmentally Friendly.

In order to give you a greater choice of electrical cooking equipment, CK ReCirc™ are available in 8 standard sizes but bespoke units are available to whatever size is required, even Island Canopies.

All units are fitted the same levels of high filtration required. Units are fitted with single phase fan motors for up to 3000 mm canopy system. Over 3000 mm extract fans are fitted with 3 phase fan motors.


Download: CK Recirc™ Brochure 1
Download: CK Recirc™ Brochure 2
Download: CK Recirc™ Data Sheet
Download: CK Recirc™ Manual

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