Air Dampers with Actuators

To protect air handling units from freezing or other external factors motorized closing dampers must be used. They are mounted on supply and exhaust vents. There is dampers control possibility in automatic control system.

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Domekt-R200-V, Domekt-R-250-F, Domekt-R-300-V, Domekt-R-400-V/H, Domekt-R-450-V, Domekt-R-400-F, Domekt-R-600-H, Domekt-R500-H/V, Domekt-R-700-H/V/F, Domekt-CF-250-V, Domekt-CF-250-F, Domekt-CF-400-V, Domekt-CF-500-F, Domekt-CF-700-V, Domekt-CF-700-H/F, Domekt-S-650-F, Domekt-S-800-F, Domekt-S-1000-F

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