Hygiene inspections can be a difficult time for any school, and with the new COVID-19 regulations impacting the way a school kitchen must be run, inspections will be more stringent than ever. This combined with the anxieties experienced by parents sending their children back to school makes now a crucial time to review your school kitchen’s current hygiene standards.

During this current climate, it’s imperative that you prioritise the health and safety of the staff and pupils that use your school’s kitchen. There are a range of solutions available in order to do this, including extraction units, our first-class cleaning and maintenance service and fogging.

What is fogging?
Fogging is when disinfectant is sprayed from a fogging machine to create a 100% effective dry fog. It is a highly efficient way to clean an area and the technique is regarded as a top-level measure for disinfection.

At CK Direct, we can rent or sell our fogging machines. Our machines can santise a 100m3 area in 5 minutes and is highly effective in reducing air-borne contaminants. You also don’t need to worry about hard to reach areas as the dense fog is able to reach every corner of your school kitchen – even the places you hadn’t considered.

Watch how our fogging system will sanitise your kitchen space in just 5 minutes.

Our fog machine is not just limited to your kitchen space and can be used to clean any room or space. It comes with a seperate tripod for the fogging nozzle assembly, meaning you can place the nozzle where it is needed then move to the control panel so you are a safe distance away to start the fogging operation.

What are extraction units?
Extraction units work by ensuring outside pollutants do not contaminate your school kitchen, whilst also protecting your kitchen equipment and safeguarding against potential fire hazards.

They work through a canopy system that is installed above the kitchen’s workspace and they allow fresh and clean air into your school’s kitchen by removing steam and smoke.

CK Direct
At CK Direct, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe and secure school kitchen. This is especially important following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

We are a leading industry supplier and are trusted by kitchen industry professionals. We offer a first-class cleaning and maintence service so that you can rest assured knowing you are supporting your staff and pupil’s health and safety in the best way possible.

If you would like to find out more, please call us on 01733 230378 or send us an email at info@ckdirect.co.uk.