kitchen odours

Controlling air flow and ventilation, besides making good food, might be your biggest headache when managing a commercial kitchen.

Canopies, fans, vents, ducts. It’s an intricate world above your chefs’ heads that keeps everyone safe and maintains hygiene. And just when everything seems to be going fine… Wait. What’s that smell?

A foul odour that just doesn’t seem to go away can be a massive inconvenience in your kitchen. Or worse, it can be an indicator that something very bad is about to happen. Fortunately there are steps you can take to get rid of that pesky smell for good.

1.    Start with stainless steel

All cooking equipment should be hooded by an extract canopy. This canopy collects the fumes, smoke and grease produced while cooking and sends everything straight into the air ducts. Canopies prevent odour best when made with stainless steel. Grease filters are also preferred, to stop deposit build up that can be the source of those dodgy smells. Compare a range of stainless steel canopies here.

2. Get the right ducting system

The ducting system is what carries the extracted fumes safely out of the building. It’s the logistics of ducting that make it efficient. How straight and short the pipes are. The material of the inner duct material. Choosing circular ducting for better air flow. These are all decisions that should be made before the ducting is installed. But if everything’s already installed and you’re getting bad odours, don’t worry. You might just need to…

3. Do a little spring cleaning

As we always point out in our material on ducting maintenancehaving your vents and ducting professionally cleaned is an important and unavoidable necessity. Systems easily suffer from build ups of the grease, carbon and steam that your cooking equipment produce. It’s these deposits that are the source of foul odours. But the smell itself is not the worst that can happen. It could be the symptom of a much large problem. In fact, ducts without regular maintenance are the number one cause of kitchen fires.

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4. Get an Ozocube


Even with professional maintenance, your vents and ducting might only get cleaned once or twice a year. That’s more than enough time for foul odours to build up. For a quick and efficient solution, try the Ozocube. It’s a clever little system that can be fitted retrospectively, and delivers continuous degreasing and odour control. Not only that, but the magic box reduces noise, provides energy savings and can even increase the life of your extraction system. It’s a great product even if you’re not suffering intolerable kitchen odours. Find out more about it here.

5. Let someone else worry about it

There’s a lot to think about here, and the right solution for you will really depend on your specific situation. Instead of worrying about a potential impending meltdown, why not let an expert deal with it for you? CK Direct have a reliable team that can tell you exactly what the problem is and how to solve it. Give us a call on 01733302704 and let us worry about it.