From August 3rd to August 31st, the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme launched by the UK government offered the general public the opportunity to receive 50% off (up to a £10 discount) food and non-alcoholic beverages. Available Monday – Wednesday, the scheme was designed to provide the hospitality industry with a much-needed boost.

The final figures released by HM Treasury for the initiative shows that it did just that, with over 100 million covers claimed at a cost to government of £522 million. With over 84,000 restaurants across the country taking part, the figures show that over 1000 covers were made per each restaurant across August.

The scheme caused a large boost in the number of people going out to eat and made a positive difference for businesses across the UK, who would not be trading today without the Eat Out to Help Out initiative.

Now that the initiative subsidy has ended, it’s important that you look at your processes to entice consumers back to your business. This can be achieved in a range of ways, including extending your opening hours or running your own incentives or discounts.

It is vital, however, that regardless of your new initiatives, your focus remains on the health and safety of your customers and employees.


How can CK Direct help?

At CK Direct, we recognise the importance of maintaining a clean commercial kitchen, especially as you continue to incentivise new business.

Our kitchen extraction units meet the requirements of The British Standard and The Health and Safety Executive and have been specifically designed to make maintenance more efficient, removing odours and preventing the build up of residue.

Not only this, but our AquaTeck Portable Fogging System produces a stable, activated oxygen solution to create an effective but safe and natural cleaning system for your commercial kitchen. The activated water works faster and more effectively than chemical cleaning solutions, and is more effective than most sanitising agents. Suitable for all types of environments, the system can clean a 100m3 area in just five minutes.

As a leading industry supplier, we can offer support in ensuring high levels of cleanliness and preparation are met in your commercial kitchen and restaurant. Find out more about what we can do for you by calling 01733 230378 or by sending us an email at