In the catering industry, new technology is always being created to help us in our ventures. There’s some new pieces of tech specifically for kitchen odour control systems that have really got us talking!

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The Ozocube

A system that can be retrofitted to ventilation systems in commercial kitchens to carry out continuous degreasing and odour control!

This particular system saves energy by allowing your extraction hoods to operate at lower speeds and will even save your business money on heating and extraction costs! As odour control systems should, the airteck offers exceptional performance whilst acting as a safe, continuous degreasing agent, running quietly on low speed.

OPS-3 – The Cake Tin

The OPS-3 is a lightweight odour and mould control kitchen odour control system device that can be used as a portable or fixed unit on ceilings. This particular model has approximately a 500-sq ft Capability with a high output fan and a 12V mains transformer.

When an environment is full of staff working with a variety of ingredients on a daily basis, odour control is a must have for any commercial kitchen!


One of the largest on the market, the OPS-6 K6 is perfect for the remediation of large spaces and would work wonders in commercial kitchens – especially smoke odour.

This fan is another product we’re looking forward to seeing in commercial kitchens across the country as it offers brilliant odour elimination and is ideally suited to large scale mould elimination!

OPS-2 “The Mushroom”

This particular odour control device is made specifically for light commercial and domestic use. It’s moisture resistant so is ideal for kitchen steam that’s created throughout the day.

All of these products are perfect for controlling odour and mould in commercial kitchens so we’re proud to supply these to our customers! Take a look at the range of Ozone products we supply and see how they can improve the quality of your commercial kitchen!