Despite rising costs there are ways to succeed

It’s all to easy to feel inundated by the rising cost of energy, staff, and food, but there are ways through all of this.

And when you have found your way through, you will be stronger when you come out of this recession.

Here are some pointers about what others are doing.

  • Reducing opening days to cut energy, staff and waste costs. Some are opening Thursday to Sunday inclusive.
  • Opening for a limited period at lunchtime – 12 to 2.30
  • Offering low cost, single-dish business lunches.
  • Snack lunches for school children.
  • Reduced menus of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts
  • Concentrating on high quality and personal service

High quality service goes hand in glove with a high quality kitchen.

A high-quality restaurant

  • Sanitisation
    Do your sanitisation tabletop sprays work properly?

    One Enozo3 bottle produces the equivalent of 600 gallons of ready to use chemical sanitiser AND there are no added detergents or harmful chemicals to be mixed, stored or discarded.

    This is so good, even your clientele will be impressed to see it in operation.

  • Extra special service
    This keeps customers coming back time and time again, by making them feel special and important to you.

    • Get to know your clientele.
    • Greet them by name when they next come in.
    • Make sure to have a brief word with them at their table.

Everyone likes to feel special.

Don’t forget the special days!

The coronation of King Charles 3rd is approaching and so there will be opportunities to make that a very special weekend for you too!
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