A commercial kitchen is one of the busiest and most hectic places in the hospitality industry. Restaurant chefs spend all day in there, dealing with the stresses of creating the perfect meal in a busy restaurant while hungry customers wait. This high-pressured environment can be hazardous unless proper care and attention is taken.

The kitchen is the heart of every great restaurant, but it can also be a very dangerous place and there are many accidents that may occur. Ensuring that you are taking the necessary precautions and dealing appropriately should these accidents happen is essential for the health and safety of both your staff and customers.

What are the most common accidents in a commercial kitchen?

Cutting fingers or hands

A dull blade is more dangerous than one that is sharp. A blunt knife can easily slip from the food you are preparing and slice the skin of the user instead. It is therefore important that you make sure the knives within your commercial kitchen are sharp, so that they can slice the surface of the food you are cutting more easily.

Nevertheless, when using any type of knife, care should be taken to slice away from the hand that is holding the food. When holding food that is being sliced, you should curl your fingers and only hold the food with the tip of your thumb and forefinger.

Knives are also a hazard when washing up. Many people fill their sink with warm soapy water and put their dirty dishes in to soak. This, however, can result in cut fingers if the person is not careful when putting their hands into the water. It is a good idea to empty the soapy water from the sink and rinse the dishes in warm water, as this will allow the sharp objects to be seen before being removed from the sink.

Slipping on wet floors or tripping over obstructions

When there is a spillage in your commercial kitchen, it is imperative that you clean this up immediately in order to reduce the risk of a fall. Take care when washing up to avoid spilling water and make sure that boiling pots do not overflow and spill on to the floor.

A commercial kitchen is a high-pressure environment and people will often move through the kitchen quickly. It’s therefore important that all walkways are clear and that obstructions are removed.

As well as the chance of injuries from a fall, there is also the risk of knocking over items such as boiling pans during the fall, which could result in severe burns. 

Fires and burns

Cooking in the kitchen inevitably means dealing with hot surfaces. Hot water or oil, naked flames, and hot pots are just some of the ways that people can be burned in the kitchen. Gloves should be used when taking items out of the oven and you should make sure that gas flames on the cooker top are not too high to avoid oil or fat from food splashing on to skin.

70% of fires in commercial kitchens are caused by a build up of fat and grease in a faulty extraction ventilation system (Kent Fire & Rescue). Over time, the traces of grease and dirt in your commercial kitchen can form a substance on the walls of ventilation ducts, canopies and extraction fans. This substance is highly flammable and increases the threat of a fire dramatically.

In order to reduce this risk, a professional should regularly maintain the ventilation systems you have.

The CK Direct AirTeck has been specifically designed with the safety of our customers in mind. The unit is installed between the extraction point and the exhaust fan to help make maintenance more efficient. Find out more in our news post “Preventing the risk of a fire in your commercial kitchen”.

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