There should be more money spent

Well, here we are again in the middle of the summer holidays. This is the time everyone looks forward to during the dark, cold winter months.
A break from the regular grind and some well-earned rest and relaxation. We all try to save up for this summer break so that we can be a little bit more carefree.

As the cost-of-living crisis is hitting all family budgets many people will not be able to afford the fly-away holidays and so more money will be spent in the UK instead.

This is a golden opportunity for catering

Holiday money is traditionally spent on holiday rental accommodation as well as eating and drinking out.

How can you make the most of this?

When people travel to a town for their holidays they will arrive, unpack and then go looking for somewhere to eat and drink.
If the first place they go to is mediocre they will look for another place the following evening.

So, you make sure that your establishment is everything they would like it to be. Your service is light-hearted and friendly, the drinks are delivered quickly and the food is the best you can make and delivered within a reasonable time scale.

Now, you need to try to make sure they come back again, so why not give them a special voucher for the next time they visit. You could offer a small discount for the second visit or a round of drinks on the house, perhaps, you get the idea.

What else can you do?

  • Minimize the odour of cooking – outside the establishment.
    No-one is attracted by the smell of old cooking oil, garlic, and chips. So as you always make sure that your oil is fresh and that the duct-work has been cleaned recently.

    To be absolutely sure that odours are reduced to the minimum you could consider installing the AirteckG64. This is a highly efficient ozone generator, which eliminates smells by oxidising pathogens in the exhaust pipes and reduces grease build-up.

  • Demonstrate sanitisation
    Before each cover is occupied, demonstrate that you take sanitisation seriously by spraying and wiping down the chairs and table using the Enozo spray and tell people all about it. Yes, spread the word as well as the spray!
  • Motivate your waiters
    There is nothing worse for a catering establishment than to provide poor service as it annoys the diners and reduces repeat attendance.
    This is easily remedied by providing incentives. One such scheme we came across divided the waiters into three teams operating in three separate sectors and being sent customers in rotation by the greeter at the door.

    Each team-member tells each cover that they are awarded for good service by being given 1, 2, or 3 stars, by their diners, at the end of the meal. So they tell them that they will make sure that they get 3 stars by giving them great service.

    The team with the most stars receives a bonus at the end of the week.

    The net result is each waiter works hard to provide good service and support the rest of their team.


The summer of 2023 should be a good one for the catering establishments in UK holiday resorts.

So, with a little bit of focused attention, we should all benefit.