The nightmare and the awakening

2020 was a nightmare year for everyone but particularly for the catering world. Premises mothballed and then the beginnings of a way out with take-aways and outside service. May 4th saw a further easing and service indoors.

What could go wrong?

The current concern is the rapid spread of the Delta variant and, in the best scenario, this may halt the further relaxation of the rules on 21st June. The worst scenario could mean a step back and indoor service being restricted again.

We have no influence over this, but we do have influence and control over our ability to deliver when asked to.

So, the ultimate nightmare, from the catering viewpoint, is that having waited so long to get back to normal, something goes wrong in the kitchen just after we’ve re-opened – the Glitch.

How can you combat the Glitch?

Because all the equipment has been lying idle for so long there are bound to be unforeseen issues that will pop up, unwanted, on, or shortly after, the great “Welcome back” day.

In particular, the kitchen extraction, air balancing, odour control and gas interlock systems could be looking good but until you try to run the kitchen at full stretch you won’t know.

That’s why you need a specialist extraction company in support.

Based in Peterborough since 2002, CK Direct is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry.

Their experienced and reliable teams provide knowledge and expertise and deliver a first-class follow-up service.

Customers of CK Direct range from small hotels and independent restaurants through to the public sector, with schools, colleges and care homes, as well as major high street food chains.

CK Direct delivers an efficient, high quality, bespoke service to every single client no matter what size or fame.

What to do now to avoid the Glitch

Call CK Direct on 01733 230378 and organise a kitchen extraction inspection or if it’s too late, call and one of the teams will come out and fix your problem.