Well, here we are again, looking at that time of the year when, no matter what has happened, we all try to forget it for a while and have a jolly good time. It is the season of goodwill to all men and a time when we can and should, be a little more kind to others. Having said all of that, there is “this time of the year” business to take care of, and in the catering world, that means:

Front of House

  • Decorating the restaurant so everyone is surrounded by the festive atmosphere.
  • Digging out the CDs and putting on that seasonal music to enhance the ambience.
  • Giving the front-of-house staff a seasonal sprig of holly, or similar festive symbol, to wear.
  • Putting a Christmas cracker on every place setting, just to start the meal experience off on a festive note.
  • Giving each diner a Christmas card to say thank you for coming and to remind them about your New Years special evening(s).
  • Personally, wishing every table a Happy Christmas, and letting them know what you have planned for the coming months.

The Kitchen

  • Deep cleaning all stainless-steel surfaces before the rush begins.
  • Getting the extraction system cleaned and working in top condition.
  • Making sure that the odour reduction system (Airteck G64) is working properly and has been cleaned thoroughly, within the last 6 months.
  • Checking that your air balancing is working correctly.
  • Making sure the staff are happy and there are no “unknown” problems.

If you have any concerns, here’s what to do – call 01733 230378 and talk to us at CK Direct. CK Direct has over 20 years knowledge and experience and are a recognised manufacturer and supplier of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry. Our clients range from small hotels and independent restaurants through to public sector clients, such as schools, colleges, and care homes as well as major high street food chains.

We can support you in these areas:

  • Extraction canopies of any shape and size.
  • Condenser hoods.
  • Ductless recirculating systems.
  • Air balancing systems.
  • Gas interlocks.
  • Stainless steel wall cladding and fabrications.
  • UPVC White Rock cladding.
  • Odour control systems, including ozone and ESP systems.
Noise control systems.
Duct cleaning and maintenance.
Fire suppression systems.
  • Heat recovery/hot water systems.

So, for any commercial kitchen issues – just ring 01733 230378, and we will help you.
Have a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year