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From the humble chip shop to the local takeaway; the roadside pub to the gourmet restaurant. Commercial kitchens, in their myriad shapes and sizes, have since the dawn of time relieved an unrelenting hunger across the nation. But their beauty, with sizzling onions, the incessant rush of chefs, the condensation on cold windows, is only half of the story. Alongside a blend of fine tastes and scents is a dirtier world, one of grease and fumes; the by-product of vigorous cooking. This grisly world is kept in check by mechanical vents and steel extract hoods, each with its own role in keeping kitchen occupants safe. If the balance between the two worlds is not carefully managed, the commercial kitchen could be brought to its knees.

If you manage or work in a commercial kitchen, you may have encountered one of its more unfortunate sides. Bad odours, produced by grease, carbon and steam deposits can spring up at any time in all their grimness. Sometimes they don’t go away. This isn’t just a problem for people inside, but for those in the surrounding environment. To regulate this, going above and beyond the typical tasks of extract hoods and vent maintenance, CK Direct are offering a product that’s already become the much sought-after answer. The Ozocube is a cost-effective addition to the kitchen ventilation setup that eradicates smells, saves money and keeps you on top of safety standards.

It is in essence a regulator, a silent overseer of your other ventilation that allows it all to live in greater harmony. Ozocube continually degreases the kitchen air, preventing deposit build up, killing smells at the source, and allowing your extract hoods to run at lower speeds. The result? A nicer environment for your staff to work in. Free of overpowering smells and cacophonous noise.

A case of bad odour may not seem like a problem worth spending your money on, but consider that regular foul smells can justifiably incur complaints from residents under the Environmental Protection Act (1990). The high-profile Gino D’Acampo restaurant, on Fleet Street in London, had this exact problem as bad smells from the kitchen led to a complaint from a nearby bank. After installing Ozocube, an official report confirmed that there was subsequently ‘no odour apparent’. Ozocube kept chefs, customers and a nearby business very happy.

On top of its noise and smell reduction duties, Ozocube could put some money back in your pocket. By allowing your ventilation to run more efficiently it can reduce running costs by 50% and increases the lifespan of the rest of your equipment. As a business investment alone, considering its relatively cheap price, it’s a product that merits some fanfare.

An energy saver, noise reducer, odour killer and money saver, Ozocube is a low-risk, all-in-one for commercial kitchen managers. Head over to to get your ventilation running smoothly and keep your kitchen doing what it does best: making great food.


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