According to recent surveys the downward trend in the catering world is slowing and in the case of Food led Independents there are signs of modest growth. It is to be hoped then, that as inflationary pressures ease and numbers of diners increase, catering businesses will continue to make positive progress.

Issues that are now key

Online Booking for diners

A recent survey showed that on-line booking (48%) has overtaken traditional phone booking (37%) and that Google searches for “Restaurants near me” etc., accounted for 72% of all first-time diners. So now is the time to install an on-line booking system and also enjoy the spin-off advantage that it saves staff time answering the phone. You can also employ an on-line takeaway booking service too.


There is no doubt about the fact that the pandemic legacy is that numbers of diners remained low because of the fear of eating in close proximity to other people. Consequently, it is more important than ever before that restaurants and all eating establishments make a point of advertising that they operate a strict cleaning and sanitisation regime throughout their establishments.  Protecting customers and staff alike is a great advertising campaign. Using fogging devices in the kitchen and sanitising processes in the restaurant will give the clientele more confidence.

Keeping the Kitchen visibly clean with Stainless Steel Fabrication units.

Kitchens are incredibly busy places, so it’s more impressive to be able to demonstrate an environment of gleaming stainless steel. Tables, walls, benches, worktops all clean and shining.

Keeping the Kitchen Environment comfortable

Pot washers all in stainless steel with their own extraction system to keep the kitchen lass humid.

Air input and Extraction

The more consistent the air temperature and humidity is, the more efficient everyone working in the kitchen will be. Now that it is vital that all dishes reach their appropriate tables as quickly as possible the kitchen staff need to have an environment which facilitates efficient and smooth working.
And don’t forget that air input and extraction systems will work to maximum efficiency if maintained on a regular schedule basis –

The External Environment

Many a reputation has been damaged by forgetting about the importance of neighbours. Nothing will sour relations faster than a constant noise and odour issue. So, ensuring that the premises maintain a quiet and odour-free environment is very important in building and keeping a good reputation.

A Warm Welcome

One of the most important elements about continuing growth, is to ensure that customers always receive a warm welcome and personable service throughout the duration of their stay. If followed up by a second visit inducement all the better.


It’s been, and still is, a hard time but there are signs that things are improving. If there is need for support with sanitisation, stainless steel fabrications, extraction or air input, odour or noise control, CK Direct, operating throughout the UK can help. Just call 01733 230378

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional
Wait and see how much it costs to hire an amateur”