On the 4th July 2020, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants across the country began welcoming customers for the first time since the introduction of the government’s lockdown back in March. However, a quick trip to the pub or going out to eat will now be very different for customers and business owners across the hospitality industry. New restrictions such as limited capacities, contactless payments and protection screens will now be in place.

As the government continues to ease out of lockdown, anxiety levels of the public remain relatively high across the country. It is therefore important that you maintain your equipment and ensure that hygiene remains at the forefront of your processes. By being actively conscious of your restaurant’s cleanliness levels, you will not only support your customers and staff, but you will also boost business reputation and show that you are doing everything in your power to protect anyone who enters your restaurant.

There is a range of different ways that you can provide this necessary reassurance within your commercial kitchen, from frequent and thorough deep cleans to the installation of a kitchen extraction unit. Whatever you need, the team at CK Direct have the necessary skills and experience to help you reduce transmission risk in your commercial kitchen. We can offer:


General Cleaning and Maintenance

Wiping down your surfaces and units is not effective enough to clean the bacteria, grease and other debris that can form within your commercial kitchen, and it is important that you maintain your equipment to ensure hygiene remains essential to your processes.

At CK Direct, we can offer a first-class cleaning and maintenance service to certify that your kitchen is of the highest standard. Our team of specialists are trained to recognise any problems and will react accordingly, providing you with expert advice on how best to tackle any hygiene concerns.



The installation of different units within your commercial kitchen can ensure that cleanliness levels remain high at all times. For example, a kitchen extraction unit will ensure that pollutants do not contaminate your kitchen, while simultaneously safeguarding your employees from potential fire hazards. They work through a canopy system that will be installed above the kitchen workstations.

Find out more about the importance of a kitchen extraction unit and their role to play following the coronavirus pandemic.



We also have a range of products that are essential to maintaining high levels of hygiene within your commercial kitchen. For example, AquaTeck produces a stable, activated oxygen solution to create an effective but safe and natural cleaning system for your business. You may also be interested in Enozo, which uses ordinary tap water to produce a ready-to-use chemical sanitiser.


CK Direct

We hope that if your business has opened its doors again, everything went smoothly. If you’ve not quite opened yet, read our blog 3 Questions to Consider for Reopening Your Commercial Kitchen Post COVID-19.

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