With the vast majority of pupils in the UK working remotely, many school kitchens have been closed, or are operating at a much lower capacity than before.

This is a perfect opportunity to review the existing hygiene procedures your school already has in place. Doing so can allow you to assess what changes need to be made to ensure the safety of students on their return.

As well as protecting the safety of your students, you can also ensure that parents and guardians are reassured of the stringent procedures you have in place. Given the current climate, hygiene inspections will be stricter than ever, so it is essential that your school is doing everything it can to safeguard its pupils.

With this in mind, what do you need to consider when reviewing your school kitchen’s hygiene standards?

Regular cleaning

School kitchens and canteens are high-traffic areas, with multiple groups of people arriving from different parts of the school. Students may be separated in class as part of a bubble, which means they can not interact with students from another area of the school. This is done to help contain any potential outbreaks of coronavirus.

To help ensure that these bubbles are effective, and that the likelihood of virus transmission is low, school kitchens will need to be cleaned much more regularly. Unfortunately, this can become costly and more time consuming.

To cut back on cleaning product costs and reduce the environmental impact of any harsh chemicals, try EnozoPRO. EnozoPRO operates using tap water, which is then converted by the device into ozonated water. This is a ready-to-use and extremely effective sanitiser which is 100% natural. With EnozoPRO, you can effectively clean your school kitchen regularly without the added cost of ordering vast quantities of chemical detergents.

Deep cleaning

While more frequent cleaning will need to be undertaken throughout the day within a school kitchen, many schools also deep clean their kitchens and canteens each evening. These deep cleans can ensure that dirt and pathogens not picked up by frequent cleaning throughout the day can be eliminated.

This can, again, come at a cost for schools. Staff may have to work additional hours to clean the kitchen and canteen to required standards, and additional equipment and supplies will have to be factored into budgets.

This cost can be mitigated with our fogging system. These can be rented or purchased, and are able to sanitise a 100m3 area in just 5 minutes with minimal intervention from staff. The fogging system uses only tap water to generate a completely natural solution that can effectively sanitise hard-to-reach areas.

Watch how our fogging system can sanitise your kitchen space quickly and easily.

Extraction systems

An important piece of equipment that shouldn’t be overlooked when sanitising your school kitchen is your extraction system. Extraction systems work by ensuring outside pollutants do not contaminate your kitchen, and smoke, grease and odour are removed from what is usually a fairly confined space.

It is essential that these kitchen extraction systems are appropriately cleaned and maintained in order to protect against health and safety hazards and reduce the risk of fire.

How CK Direct can help

At CK Direct, our team understand the importance of maintaining excellent hygiene standards within school kitchens and canteens.

As a trusted supplier, manufacturer and installer of kitchen extraction units and environmental equipment, we can offer a first-class service that’s dedicated to prioritising staff and student health and safety.

If you would like to find out more, please call us on 01733 230378 or send us an email at info@ckdirect.co.uk.