Duct Supplies, the online store that provides a simple and accessible way of ordering, buying and taking delivery of the UK’s most comprehensive choice of ventilation and ducting supplies, have added new and additional products to their portfolio
Latest additions include:

 Blast Gate Dampers (from £27.45 ex- VAT) Blast gate dampers are designed  primarily for use in heavy duty exhaust environments for extracting fumes, dust, wood,    waste etc. They are also used extensively in agricultural machinery, marine  ventilation, furnaces and grain drying plants.

Tecseal 100FR 380cc Cartridge £4.21 (£5.05 inc. VAT) 100FR is a high quality neoprene based duct sealant. The neoprene base provides the flexibility and durability required to create a permanent seal, In addition to neoprene, a number of special additives, together with a carefully selected blend of solvents, complete the formulation to provide a fast drying duct sealant that complies with classes A,B and C of HVCA ductwork specification DW144. 100FR is fire resistive and complies with the requirements of BS476 Part 7 when fully cured. Available singly or in boxes of 15.

  • Also: Tecseal 200 FRA 380cc Cartridge Available singly or in boxes of 12

Tecseal 200FRA is a product of the latest acrylics technology and is suitable for high, medium and low pressure applications. Tecseal 200FRA is non – flammable in ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ states and does not emit any toxic or flammable vapours during the curing process. It complies with the requirements of BS476 Parts 6 and 7. Tecseal 200FRA is quick drying and may be over painted after 24 hours. It can also be used externally when there is no prospect of rain for 1 to 2 hours, to allow the surface to dry.

  • Cantilever Arms

8mm thick back plate. For fixing and suspending ducting pipework and ventilation units
Priced individually according to lengths.
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