CK Direct, the Peterborough-based designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of ventilation and extraction systems for the UK’s catering and hospitality industry, have announced the national roll-out of their Duct Supplies division – described as the UK’s leading online shop for commercial and residential duct supplies and a huge selection of heating and ventilation products.

“We have significant experience in sourcing the best and most cost effective solutions for professional and DIY ducting customers,” explains MD Tony Ricciardi, “and so we’d like to make Duct Supplies available to any and all catering managers who don’t need a major refit or upgrade of their kitchen’s extraction and vent systems but do need to replace a bit of ducting, or a ventilation grille or a piece of PVC Domestic Flexible hose or a coupling fitment, et cetera.”

Included in its considerable ranges, Duct Supplies offers:

  • Wall outlets and shutters
  • Attenuators from 300mm to 1200mm length
  • Access doors and fire/blast dampers
  • Flexible ducting for fume and dust extraction
  • Grille boxes, louvres and cowls for air supply and exhaust
  • Spiral tubes, bends and couplings
  • Fasteners and fixings, sealants, tapes and flashing

Tony Ricciardi adds: “When you want to spend pence, not pounds, on an item that you can fit for yourself, that’s when you should call Duct Supplies… because you just never know when you’ll next need to replace a bit of kit for your kitchen.”