Employees are the heart of any business and when it comes to creating dishes for your customers to enjoy, nothing could be closer to the truth. So it’s important that your team is managed efficiently and can handle working in potentially stressful conditions.


Here are our tips to make sure your team are ready for whatever the day brings their way!

Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Roles

It’s a no-brainer that in any business, everyone should know exactly what their role is. When it comes to working in the fast paced environment of a restaurant kitchen, there’s no time for your employees to become confused with their duties.

Everyone needs to know who’s in charge, what stations in the kitchen they’re working at and even the timings they’re expected to keep to with their cooking and preparation of food. Ensure everyone is aware of the correct portions for each dish and stress that they aren’t negotiable; you need to stick to a tight budget to help bring in profits!

Observe Your Staff

Keep an eye on who performs well in high-stress situations and who struggles. Is there a reason why they’re struggling and can you help them perform better?

For a team to work well and achieve results, it’s important they all work together and help each other when needed. They should have the interests of the business at the forefront of their minds, willing to work together as a team to reach their goals.

Don’t be scared to join in when things get hectic. If you suddenly get an influx of customers, it’ll be motivating for your staff to see you lend a hand with the workload.

Maintain Your Equipment

Making sure your equipment is either regularly maintained or replaced is the best way to make sure your staff don’t encounter any problems whilst creating dishes. If your equipment keeps malfunctioning, it’ll be problematic if the issue can’t be resolved relatively quickly.

At CK Direct, we supply extraction systems that can be designed specifically to your needs as well providing replacement filters so they can be regularly maintained. We always suggest maintenance over a complete replacement as it’ll save your business much needed budget.

Why not contact us and see how we can make your commercial kitchen more efficient?