This time last year

We were in the grip of an energy shortage, fuel shortage, transport disruption and inflation running higher than at any time since 1981. Businesses had to navigate multiple issues; where is new business coming from, what is the energy bill going to look like, how do we cope with rising food prices, when will we get our deliveries? But – YOU coped and won through, and here you are today. However, it’s always better to err on the side of financial safety. As someone once said, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

How can you make your finances even stronger through 2024?

  1. Save money.
    Reduce your energy bill still further and gain advantages into the bargain:
    Installing the AirtekG64 will:

    • Save money by extending the intervals between cleanings. The highly effective ozone generator acts as a safe, continuous degreasing agent, enabling the optimal operation of the extraction system for longer. Consequently, you won’t have to have it cleaned so often and save money.
    • Save you money on reduced power usage. Because the ducting remains cleaner, the extraction fans can be set on a lower speed. So, noise is reduced, power usage is lower, and you save money.
    • Give you effective odour control. The ozone, which is generated, neutralises any unpleasant smells emerging from the ducting. So, no complaints from your neighbours either.


  2. Earn more
    If you want to earn more, you could do what a lot of restaurants started to do during the Covid epidemic, and that is provide a take-away service. Recently, at a favourite restaurant on a Saturday night, we witnessed as much takeaway business as in house covers. So, it is possible to increase your takings without needing more space for diners!
  3. Repeat business.
    The secret of any successful restaurant is repeat business.
    So why not present each customer with a small token of your appreciation for their custom. This will make them feel good, and you will have them coming back time after time.
    Two ideas:

    1. A free post-meal drink – coffee or tea, for example
    2. A free aperitif token for their next visit

In the meantime

We hope that these ideas and suggestions will help you during this year and remember CK Direct are only a telephone call away to give support and provision of extraction and ventilation equipment and maintenance as well as any fabrications you may need.
So, give us a ring on 01733 230378 – we are here to help.