Kitchen extraction units and their importance in your commercial kitchen

Following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, practicing due diligence of hygiene in commercial kitchens will remain at the forefront of operations. Without a kitchen extraction unit, you run the risk of unseen pollutants interfering with how other appliances in your kitchen work, thus creating a fire hazard.

Kitchen extraction units are vital in commercial kitchens to minimise fire risk and protect staff and customers. As a law requirement in any commercial kitchen, without one it’s unlikely you’ll receive planning permission from local authorities.

The construction and maintenance of a kitchen extraction unit is crucial in ensuring that a safe working environment is being provided. A kitchen canopy is essential as its designed to extract harmful gases and particles from the kitchen. Canopies should have the correct filters to ensure they can be easily removed for regular cleaning and replacement. Correctly installed ducting is required to discharge fumes and should be cleaned every three months if going through heavy usage.

Full kitchen extraction systems contain fire-dampening components, which shouldn’t be underestimated. Removal of unwanted steam and smoke allows kitchen staff to work in safer conditions.

How can CK Direct help you?

At CK Direct, we understand that all kitchens are different. We design our products in-house to meet your bespoke requirements and ensure that your kitchen ventilation and extraction systems meet the requirements outlined by The British Standard and the Health and Safety Executive.

As well as this, our AquaTeck Portable Fogging System can clean a 100m3 area in just 5 minutes. Suitable for all types of environments, the system can be programmed to operate automatically at any time, depending on the application. The system uses only compressed air and electrolysed water, with no added chemicals. This means that your team, customers and visitors remain safe.

We also offer a range of extraction and ventilation products that can revolutionise your commercial kitchen. As the trusted industry supplier, we offer support from conceptualising to installing a safe and efficient kitchen that will last for years.

Our experienced and reliable team ensures that we’re able to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to find the equipment best for your commercial kitchen. Once installed, we offer a first class follow-up service involving helping you maintain and clean your equipment.

If you’re interested in the services that we do offer, then give us a call on 01733 230378. Our over-the-phone evaluations are free, and we can also send out a trained engineer to carry out a full evaluation for a fee.

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