The coronavirus pandemic has had a large impact on individuals, businesses and entire industries across the country. With restaurants predicted to reopen in July, hygiene in commercial kitchens, especially restaurants, will need to be at the forefront of every kitchen manager’s mind. Ensuring optimum hygiene levels is more than just wiping down surfaces; deep cleans will have to be more frequent and more thorough than ever before to ensure that the standard of hygiene remains at its highest.

The installation of a kitchen extraction unit will ensure that outside pollutants do not contaminate your kitchen, whilst also protecting your other kitchen equipment and safeguarding against potential fire hazards.

Kitchen extraction units work through a canopy system that is installed above kitchen workstations. The system removes steam and smoke to maintain a safe level of carbon dioxide as well as other chemicals and is key to allowing fresh and clean air, without any potential pollutants, into your commercial kitchen.

The installation of a kitchen extraction unit will also benefit the safety of your staff and customers. Restaurants and the hospitality sector are key features of the UK economy, and following the easing of lockdown, they are predicted to begin to open in July. In order to increase confidence and reduce newfound anxieties that are likely to exist in your customer base, your commercial kitchen must meet new standards of cleanliness.

How can CK Direct help?

At CK Direct, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean commercial kitchen. Our products are designed to meet your requirements with our kitchen extraction units meeting The British Standard and The Health and Safety Executive.

We are a leading industry supplier and are trusted by kitchen industry professionals. At CK Direct, we will offer you the support that you need to ensure high standards of cleanliness are met following the reopening of your restaurant. We have a team of specialists who can offer you a first-class cleaning and maintenance service to certify that your kitchen is of the highest standard.

Our experienced and trusted team enables us to provide you with top-quality commercial kitchen equipment.

If you are interested in any of our services, please call us on 01733 230378. We can also assist with over the phone evaluations, which are free, or we can send out a trained engineer to carry out a full inspection and evaluation for a fee. Send us an email at for more information.

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