In large parts of the country, restaurants, bars and pubs have had to close – meaning takeaway and delivery services have taken centre stage. With recent news of Tier 4 and further restrictions over the festive period, the need for effective hygiene and sanitisation in your takeaway premises has never been greater.

While the news could be better, the new year is still a great opportunity to ensure your kitchen is working at its best. Here are three ways you can kickstart your 2021 with a cleaner and safer takeaway kitchen:


Install a Good Quality Extraction System

Ensuring optimum hygiene levels is more than just wiping down surfaces. Good quality kitchen extraction units are powerful hygiene tools that can ensure that your staff are protected from the grease, heat and smoke circulating in your kitchen. They’re a legal requirement for most commercial kitchens, but a poor quality or poorly maintained extraction system can be a serious health and safety risk.

With a poor-quality extraction system, your kitchen won’t be as well ventilated. This could result in a grease build up on surfaces, trapping harmful bacteria and creating a fire hazard. Extraction and recirculation units can also prevent against these fire hazards, by preventing unseen pollutants from interfering with how other appliances in your kitchen work.

At CK Direct, we specialise in expertly designing and installing high quality extraction systems to suit kitchens of any size. Our ReCirc™ units work like any other commercial extraction system, with one key difference – they don’t require any external ducting.


Maintain Your Kitchen’s Extraction System

Even with the best extraction system, poor maintenance can cause a fire hazard. This is because grease and other materials can get trapped in the ducts, canopies and fans of your extraction system. When these are not regularly cleaned, this grease can build up and provide fuel for a fire.

Due to the structure of ventilation systems, the fire can then spread to other parts of the premises. This presents a serious risk that must be mitigated in order to prevent significant damage or danger to life.To maintain your kitchen’s extraction system effectively, you must ensure that it is cleaned by an experienced professional. This is because grease and dirt can accumulate in hidden parts of the equipment.

We work closely with regulatory bodies so we can provide you with the latest advice and guidance on your extraction system meeting health and safety requirements and guidelines. Talk to us about our extraction and ventilation maintenance service today.


Sanitise Your Takeaway Kitchen

When it comes to effective sanitisation, you don’t need to buy harsh chemicals or detergents to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. COSHH and food safety regulations regulate which cleaning products are safe to use in your commercial kitchen. Over time, cleaning products can get expensive – especially with the increased cleaning frequency required due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With technology like the EnozoPRO and the AquaTeck fogging system, you can sanitise your premises using just water. The EnozoPRO uses ordinary tap water to create ozonated water, a 100% safe and COSHH compliant detergent that is extremely effective at killing bacteria and viruses.

The AquaTeck Fogging System can clean a 100m³ area in just 5 minutes and generates electrolysed water that can sanitise a large area quickly and efficiently.

CK Direct

At CK Direct, we’ve been supporting takeaway businesses throughout 2020 to ensure their commercial kitchens are working at their best.

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