I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but it seems to have been a long dark, wet winter. So now the clocks have gone forward, our spirits can lift, and we can all look forward to longer and warmer, brighter days.
Of course, as the season progresses, and the temperature rises so the temperatures in the kitchen will increase too. So now is the time to check on your kitchen extraction systems.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you had a new system installed only last year it will, more than likely, be ready for a maintenance visit to get it cleaned and working in tip-top condition again.

Condenser Hoods

When the weather turns hot and humid, the last thing you want in a kitchen is the dishwasher area, adding to the humidity. So, here’s a solution and once fitted you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

Island Canopies

If your kitchen has island cooking areas, then a commercial kitchen island canopy is what you need.
They are powerful and can remove heat and bad air from your kitchen and some even have the capability of cleansing the air and recirculating it into the kitchen.
Whilst looking good you’ll be pleased with the resulting lowering of temperature and the temperaments in the kitchen.

Recirculating Extractors

If you are unable to extract externally or you’ve decided to replace your existing, external exhaust system then you need to look at the range of recirculating units that CK Direct can provide.
With the advanced technology and air purification system, CK ReCirc™ commercial kitchen recirculation units are suitable for any commercial cooking application.


Extract and Air Input Hoods

These hoods can replace and supply air into the kitchen environment via the canopy. So not only can you extract the hot fumes, but you can bring in pure air to refresh the area.
Each of our extract & air input hoods are suitable for electrical as well as standard gas appliances, so no matter what your kitchen requirements, we can help you out.

Who are CK Direct?

Based in Peterborough since 2002, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry.

We can guide you to a well-designed, safe and efficient kitchen extraction system that will last for years.

Working closely with regulatory bodies we provide you with the latest advice and guidance on choosing and maintaining your extraction and ventilation system so that it meets the requirements and best practice outlined by The British Standard and the Health and Safety Executive.

All our canopies are made with 304/430 Grade Stainless Steel and include Stainless Steel Baffle Filters, grease collection draws, roll formed safety edges, fully welded corners and are fully compliant with DW172.

If you need help or advice

We are always available to provide help and advice on commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems. Just call us on 01733 230378.

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional
Wait and see how much it costs to hire an amateur”