From time to time we receive scribbles on napkins. Or Biro drawings on beer mats. We’ve even had the odd illustration on the back of an invoice. Once or twice someone’s gone to the trouble of creating a digital “artist’s impression” of the kind of kitchen units they’re looking for.



1 We’re used to, and enjoy working from, people’s drawings. You don’t need to be good at drawing… and once or twice we’ve worked off something that looked like it was drawn by Picasso. On an off day! But we pride ourselves that we can accommodate any design. If you can supply us with a drawing we can let you know the cost.  And we will always offer you our best price.

Choose any size wall cupboard;


They will be supplied with hinged/sliding doors as standard.

  • Stainless steel units have stainless steel, height adjustable shelves in 3 positions.
  • High grade stainless steel external and internal structure for rigidity, durability, cleanliness and conformity.
  • Sliding doors, with sound deadening internal and external panels, are simple to remove for easy cleaning


So why not put us to the test? Send us your sketches or contact me either on this email or by phone on 01733 230378… we’ll talk it through… and come up with a solution between us that’s tailor made to your specific catering business requirements

And if there is any way at all that my colleagues or I can offer support with pricing or alternative products to make your proposal especially attractive, we will.



Best wishes,

Tony Ricciardi

Managing Director

Emails to