Business is returning to normal now

So, you want to be sure that nothing can get in the way of the Easter holiday bookings, 15 to 18 April, and then for the Queen’s Jubilee long weekend -June 2 to 5th.

Here’s a checklist to help you.

1. Your cooker extraction systems

2. Is the kitchen getting too steamy?

Consider installing one of our condense hoods for your dishwasher. We can make any size and any shape with a lead time of 3-5 days.

3. Your air input system

When was the last time you had this serviced and checked your air balance?
We can help with that

4. Kitchen fabrications

Are you tired of that wonky table, the cupboard that’s missing a door, and how about that shelf that tilts? CK Direct manufactures shelving, tabling, cupboards, racks, bars, workbenches and trollies.

5. Environmental

Are you happy with the cost of the sanitisation system you are using? If you’re in doubt talk to us about our table and work-surface sprays, as well as our fogging devices for whole rooms.

6. Accessories and environmental

That piece of wall cladding that got damaged and is lifting could be a problem with Health and Hygiene so why not let us replace it for you. And while we’re at it we could check your gas interlock and replace any lighting for you.


Apart from the food stock and staff, CK Direct can help you maintain, and develop your commercial kitchen, now and into the future. Whatever the problem, give us a ring on 01733 230378 – we’ll be glad to help.

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional”
Wait and see how much it costs to hire an amateur