You’ve got to be able to cope with the heat if you work in a commercial kitchen.

It’s hot enough during the winter months in any kitchen, but as soon as the spring turns to summer and the humidity builds up, that’s when it can get more than a little uncomfortable.

To combat overheating your staff you need to have a top-notch extraction system coupled with the appropriate air balancing system.

But you need more than that. You need a top-notch air handling system that can ensure that the air is circulated and maintains an even temperature throughout the kitchen.

Now that the pandemic, fingers crossed, is being shown the door, we can all look forward to business returning to normal or even above normal as people celebrate their freedom.

So wouldn’t it be a disaster if the extraction, input system, air-handling system or the gas interlock decided to pack up just when you’ve got a fully booked house for several days.

CK Direct has been in the Commercial Kitchen Extraction business since 2002 and has built an enviable reputation as a reliable company, delivering what you need when you need it, at the right price.

CK Direct can supply, install and maintain commercial kitchen equipment:

So, if you want everything to run smoothly, why not give CK Direct a call and organise a maintenance check.

Heaven forbid you to have the misfortune to have a break-down but if you do CK Direct are on the end of this phone number 01733 230378, to save you from roasting the chef!