When times get tough…

We can suggest ways to maintain profitability in your business.

  • Charging a little more whilst making savings

Inflation is running at 10% and is expected to peak at 14% by Christmas. So, it is important to keep pace with this as much as possible. However, it’s not just about raising your charges.

It is always a delicate balancing act between charging more to maintain profitability whilst keeping you customers.

So, here’s an idea, increase your prices by only half the rate of inflation. This will be a good message to give to your customers.

Then behind the scenes you will find the balancing cost savings.

There are several ways you can achieve this

  • Energy cost savings

By restricting the use of your commercial kitchen equipment to only the time it takes to prepare and serve can save a considerable amount of money.
No more turn it on when you get in and turn it off just before you leave.

  • Save a lot of money on heating your water

The CK Direct revolutionary Commercial Kitchen Heat Recovery system will provide your establishment with all its hot water needs.

It can also temper the fresh air supply too.

Installation is quick and easy, with no need for cookline alterations, and there is no effect on the extraction system.

It can be quickly and easily retrofitted and will provide a fantastic ROI. Call this number for more details – 01733 230378.

Heat Recovery System

  • 6-monthly extraction system maintenance

Apart from ensuring that you comply with the Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning Regulations, regular 6-monthly maintenance will:

  • save money on repairs and replacements otherwise incurred
  • maintain good relations with your neighbours – no odour
  • avoid large fines for non-compliance
  • avoid potential kitchen closure
  • reduce the risk of a devastating grease fire


  • Up your personal service approach to your customers

By getting front of house staff to take a little more personal time with each customer you will increase your repeat visit ratio.

People like that personal touch that makes them feel special.

The Savoy Hotel employs this tactic every single day for service which costs an arm and a leg, so it’s proved to work!.

In conclusion

By following a well thought-out strategy you should be able to:-

  • Maintain profitability during rising inflation,
  • maintain or even grow your customer base
  • be stronger when things get easier than when this all started.


CK Direct have been providing commercial kitchen extraction systems and maintenance to the catering industry for 20 years and will be more that happy to support you too.

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional
Wait and see how much it costs to hire an amateur”