National restrictions in England began earlier this month on the 5th November, with the government advising that people should stay at home where possible and should only travel to work if they cannot work from home. Mirroring the rules of the first lockdown, hospitality venues such as restaurants, bars and pubs were told to close, but they can still provide takeaway and delivery services.


Your takeaway kitchen

In the week leading up to the first lockdown, delivery trips were up 57% year on year (Kantar). Although the coronavirus pandemic has affected the hospitality industry immensely, there can be no denying that it has also caused a substantial rise in the frequency of restaurant takeaways.

There is a range of factors you must consider when adjusting your restaurant’s commercial kitchen into a takeaway kitchen. This includes essential business processes such as how you will take orders, whether you will offer a limited menu and how you will market to potential customers that you are remaining open to offer takeaway services.

One of the most important features you must consider is how you will keep your kitchen safe.

As an employer, you must ensure your takeaway kitchen remains clean and hygienic in light of the coronavirus pandemic, not only to protect your customers but also to safeguard workers. This means you must think about the risks your employees face and do everything possible to minimise them.


Social distancing guidelines

Under social distancing guidelines, you may want to consider having fewer staff working. You may also want to think about having your team work staggered shifts, to further reduce the number of employees in your restaurant’s commercial kitchen at any one time.


Divide the team

You may decide to implement small “work bubbles” where members of the team work only with a set number or group of people to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Even if you don’t, you should consider dividing your employees and keeping delivery drivers and kitchen workers separate.


Provide the necessary tools

Washing your hands regularly is very important in reducing the risk of transmission, however it’s important that as an employer, you also provide the necessary tools to support this. Supply your employees with hand sanitiser they can carry with them and encourage them to wash their hands as often as possible.


Kitchen cleanliness

One of the most important areas within your takeaway restaurant is your commercial kitchen. It’s of paramount importance that you do everything you can to keep the area clean and sanitised. You can do this in a range of ways, such as sanitisation, extraction and regular maintenance.


CK Direct

At CK Direct, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe and secure takeaway kitchen in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

We have recently partnered up with GreenTeck Global to offer the EnozoPRO Spray Bottle. The bottle is a natural sanitiser that is the perfect solution for restaurants that need to quickly wipe down high-contamination areas such as push plates, door handles and cooking surfaces.

You may also want to consider the installation of a kitchen extraction unit to increase your overall hygiene levels in your commercial kitchen. Our extraction units ensure pollutants do not interfere with the cleanliness of your restaurant’s commercial kitchen.

We also offer a first-class cleaning and maintenance service so that you can rest assured knowing you are supporting your staff’s health and safety.

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