How Technology is Changing the Way We Dine Out

Technology is changing the world around us
all the time, and the next time you eat out,
you may well find that the experience of
going to a restaurant has changed
considerably over the last 10 years or so
thanks to technology. Here are some of the main ways that
technology has changed the way we eat
out at restaurants.

The Rise of the Food Blogger

These days anyone can be a restaurant critic. All they need is a camera and a blog, and they can help to make or break a restaurant’s fortune.

Food blogging has become a popular pastime for many foodies, and some bloggers have managed to build up large followings. Now they can whip out their smartphone, take a photo and be receiving comments on their blog and social media accounts before they have finished their meal.

Customers Using Tablets to Make Orders

Restaurants know that their customers want to see more technology, and some of them have now installed tablets that diners can use to make their orders. This cuts out the necessity of having to wait to order a meal, and it could improve the overall experience.

The Growth of Online Restaurant Reviews

Online reviews have become important in a wide range of industries, restaurants included. Want to go to a restaurant but don’t know where to choose? Head over to TripAdvisor and read a large selection of reviews left by previous diners. This up-to-the-minute review system means restaurants cannot rely on reputation alone, and it provides customers with a fantastic resource when deciding where to eat.

More Payment Options Provided

Making it easier for diners to pay just makes sense for restaurants, and many are now introducing more options that go beyond scanning a credit card. For example, some restaurants are allowing their customers to pay by using a tablet so they can checkout on their own without having to wait for a waiter.

Online Coupons

Restaurants know that their customers love special offers, and many now offer digital coupons for their customers. These may be sent to their email addresses or via text message, and diners can then use them when they arrive to get a discount on their meal.

Vibrating Restaurant Pagers

Many restaurants are now using vibrating pagers to let customers know when their food is ready to pick up, or when their table is ready for them. These simple devices are handed to customers when they arrive, and they then buzz when the table is ready, allowing customers to relax without having to constantly catch the eye of a passing waiter to find out where their table is.

Technology Continues to Change Eating Out

These are just a few of the ways that technology is changing the experience of eating out. But these are probably just the start, and it is likely that restaurants will continue to introduce new technologies to constantly make the experience of eating out even better for their customers. And while improvements in technology are helping the customers enjoy better restaurant experiences, improvements in kitchen technology are just as vital – kitchen ventilation, commercial kitchen canopies, kitchen extractor fans & commercial kitchen extraction systems are all vital for the staff in the restaurant kitchen.