Within the catering industry, there are a multitude of health and safety regulations we have to abide by. Whether the issues seem big or small, if ignored and neglected, these could become increasingly serious and threatening to your business.

There are a number of kitchen accidents and health conditions that your staff can experience, so you need to minimise the risks as much as possible.

Knife Accidents

Due to the fact your employees will be handling knives on a regular basis, there’s bound to be an accident here and there. It’s impossible to remove all risks but you can minimise them in a number of ways:

• Train your employees safe practices when using knives
• Store knives in scabbards or a special container
• Supply protective gear for certain practices. E.g. gloves whilst deboning meat
• Not leaving knives on work surfaces

Utilising common sense in the kitchen and making sure there is enough room to move around will help minimise knife related accidents in the kitchen. As long as your staff are informed of the proper safety precautions, accidents of this type can be avoided.

Work Related Health Problems

Two specific conditions specified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are Musculoskeletal disorders and Dermatitis (also known as Eczema). Both of these can be caused and made worse by poor working conditions in a commercial kitchen environment.

Carrying and lifting heavy material can cause pain in various parts of the body. As the employer, you have to make the right risk assessments to ensure your staff don’t receive injury from manual labour.

Dermatitis can easily be avoided and managed if you make the right safety precautions in your commercial kitchen. Supplying your employees with gloves can help the recovery process and ensure their condition isn’t aggravated. Due to the fact that dermatitis is affected by a number of different substances, it may be advisable for your staff to avoid these in the workplace.

There are a lot more health and safety regulations you need to follow if you’re to run a successful commercial kitchen. Installing and maintaining extraction systems can help keep air flow clean and hygienic, removing harmful chemicals created whilst cooking. We supply a range of extraction systems and can even help you build your own!

Let us help you take the next step to commercial kitchen safety and hygiene. No job is too big or too small for us!