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Here we are running down towards the festive season and things are starting to stabilise.
The two weekends of Halloween and Guy Fawkes may well be good days for the catering industry and you in particular.
So, are you ready

Check all is running smoothly.

  • Extraction system – When was the last time it was cleaned. Don’t forget that the cleaner the system is, the lower is the risk of fire. As you know the TR19® regulations, also known as the Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning Regulations, state that kitchen extraction systems must be cleaned at least every six months in order to maintain FOG (fat, oil and grease) standards. (25 Mar 2022)
  • Odour control – is it working efficiently? If you have some upset neighbours, it won’t be long before you get an inspection. If you haven’t already, now is the time to instal the AirteckG64, a highly efficient ozone generator, which eliminates smells by oxidising pathogens in the exhaust pipes. It also prevents the build-up of grease in the ductwork, preventing fire hazards and fan failures and saves you time and money.
    Gas interlock – is it working all the time or are there occasional glitches? If there are, get it checked out as soon as possible.
  • Canopy filters – the cleaner they are the more efficient the system will be. So, have you changed them recently and do you have enough back-ups?
  • Lighting – are all the lights working and do you have back-ups.
  • Sanitisation – save yourself money and switch to the Enozo, which only uses ordinary tap water. It converts the water into the equivalent of 600 gallons of ready to use chemical sanitiser with no added detergents or harmful chemicals.
    It is a 100% natural, all-purpose cleaning and sanitising solution, working more effectively than chemical and environmentally harmful cleaning solutions. It converts the water into the equivalent of 600 gallons of ready to use chemical sanitiser.
  • Improve your cost cutting – By utilising waste heat from your cookline, the CK Direct Heat Recovery System can provide your restaurant and kitchen with all its hot water requirements.
    This is all done without the need for cookline alterations, with no effect on the extraction system, meaning it can be quickly and easily retrofitted to any kitchen and will give you significant cost savings and a fantastic ROI.
  • All checked and given a big tick? Then you’re ready to be as good as you can be. Good luck!

About CK Direct

Based in Peterborough, CK Direct covers the whole of the UK, and is one of the leading commercial kitchen suppliers to the catering industry in the UK.
Our customers range from major high street food chains to small hotels and independent restaurants, to public sector clients like schools, colleges, and care homes.

So if you have issues and would like help, call CK Direct on 01733 230378 and you’ll be in safe hands.

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