Christmas is more important this year than ever before

Talk about being hit when you’re down!

Everything was going along nicely until March 2020 – then Covid hit the catering/hospitality where it hurts, in its profitability.

It survived only to have the Russian invasion of Ukraine cause a global fuel and energy crisis that’s feeding inflation, pushing up the price of raw materials and hitting the catering/hospitality industry even harder in the pocket.

This means that the Christmas season is even more important than it has ever before.

So how can you make sure that you get your slice of the Christmas cake?

Be totally ready

  • Advertise your venue
  • Promote your seasonal menus
  • Concentrate on immaculate service
  • Ensure that the kitchen is able to deliver quickly

Advertise your venue

You can’t rely only on your regular clientele, you must assume that some will not come this year, so you have to find replacements.

Leaflet drops in your area, advertising on local radio and in your local paper in November/early December will get your name out there.

Special offers

Promote packaged seasonal menus at fixed prices to help with preparation costs.

Online ordering is becoming more and more popular as it saves taking orders on arrival and gives staff more time to offer customer service.

Immaculate service

Smooth and personal service goes a long way to promoting repeat visits. A large repeating client base means more profit over longer time periods.

Fast service from the kitchen

In the run-up to Christmas, all kitchen equipment must be checked and double-checked to ensure that the kitchen team can work in the proper environment and be able to produce and deliver the meals ordered in excellent time.

So, here’s a checklist:

  • It is imperative this year that you can maximise the value of Christmas and you can’t afford any breakdowns which could jeopardize your income.
  • Is the extraction system working at its best?
  • Do you have complaints from neighbours about odour issues?
  • Can the air input system cope without having any doors or windows open?
  • Does the dishwasher fill the kitchen with hot, moist air that makes the environment uncomfortable?
  • Have you got enough stainless-steel work surfaces to cope with peak demand?
  • Is the gas interlock working properly?

If any of the above points give you cause for concern just ring CK Direct at 01733 230378 and we will fix it.

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional
Wait and see how much it costs to hire an amateur.”