Here comes the Summer

We all love long hot summer days and warm summer evenings. We can go out for the day and then go to the pub or restaurant for a lovely evening meal.
This year, after all the isolation that Covid created, the concern over rising energy prices, and our long-wet Winter and Spring who could blame us for wanting a little of that the blissful picture.

So now is the time to prepare the kitchen and restaurant environment

Based in Peterborough for over 20 years CK Direct Duct and Maintenance Ltd are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Kitchen extraction and ventilation equipment and we can ensure that you are ready for the heat of the summer.

Duct cleaning and maintenance

Now is the time to book that maintenance and duct cleaning call to make sure that when it is hot the kitchen team will be getting the best ventilation support you can give them.

Consider installing the AirteckG64 to achieve:

  1. Effective odour control – no cooking or rancid grease smells emerge from the ducting as ozone neutralises unpleasant smells. So, this will keep your neighbours happy.
  2. Extended cleaning intervals – the highly effective ozone generator in the unit acts as a safe, continuous degreasing agent enabling the optimal operation of the extraction system. Consequently, you won’t have to have it cleaned so often.
  3. Noise reduction – because the ducting remains cleaner the fans can be set on a low speed reducing noise and creating a better working environment.

CK Heat Recovery system

This revolutionary heat recovery system utilises the waste heat from your cookline to provide hot water for all your kitchen and restaurant requirements. Consequently, you will reduce your energy bills by this amount.
There are no cookline alterations needed and it has no effect on the extraction system.
It can be quickly and easily retrofitted to any site.

AquaTeck – Fogging your kitchen.

This revolutionary system creates an effective and safe and natural cleaning system for your business and is not harmful to the environment.

This is an activated water system which works faster and more effectively than chemical cleaning solutions. As a natural, all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing agent, when you’re done, it turns back to water, therefore making it safe to dispose of.

Enozo – sanitising your restaurant tables

Enozo is a 100% natural, all-purpose cleaning and sanitising solution that works faster and more effectively than chemical cleaning solutions, which are environmentally harmful.

So, now you can be ready for the heat.
Just call CK Direct for kitchen or restaurant support – 01733 230378