We know that keeping your commercial kitchen working efficiently is paramount to a successful catering business. Due to the fast paced environment of a commercial kitchen, it’s easy to cut corners on maintenance in order to assign more time to food production. However, we know that this is a step that can’t be neglected and we’re determined to get more catering businesses to see that.

Money, Efficiency & Hygiene – What’s to lose?

As your extraction systems are used more and more, grease accumulates and makes them work harder and harder which will eventually lead to malfunction. Canopies, filters, fans, ducts and even dampers will feel the strain of too much work with too little maintenance. It’s easy enough to replace eventually broken systems but your budget may also break in the process.

The cost of either purchasing products to carry out maintenance yourself or hiring a company to do it for you is far cheaper than purchasing new equipment. Making sure you understand what cleaning products can be used for certain systems is also vital. In an environment where food is handled, it’s important that the products you use won’t interfere with the quality of your products. So make sure you browse a range of maintenance and cleaning products to decide what will be best for your equipment.

As kitchen equipment is used for longer periods of time, the efficiency starts to go down and affect its performance. Mostly due to a build-up of grease and other waste substances, this drop in efficiency can easily be fixed and ultimately prevented in the future. By referring to a handy maintenance guide, you too can learn how each individual piece of kitchen extraction equipment can be maintained.

What is most important in any commercial kitchen is hygiene. If your kitchen fails routine hygiene inspections, your very business will be under scrutiny from professionals in the sector. You need to ensure that your employees are working in a clean environment to produce stunning food. If you make sure to stay on top of kitchen maintenance, you remove the risk of employee related illnesses due to bad ventilation. By taking the necessary steps to ensure your extraction systems are kept clean, you take one huge step to avoiding any hygiene issues that could threaten your business.

Maintain your kitchen’s success

That’s why at CK Direct, we urge all of our customers to take into account these options so they can carry out effective, routine maintenance and make the most out of their extraction systems.

If you feel as though a professional and verified team of cleaners would be better suited to carry out vital maintenance on your kitchen, we can see your requirements are met with a duct cleaning service
Remember that maintenance can be just as effective as a new system.