On 8 th July 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the launch of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, offering 50% off (up to a £10 discount) to diners on their food and non-alcoholic beverages. The scheme, which will run from August 3 rd to August 31 st, is active on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and has been designed to encourage the public to get out and provide the hospitality industry with a much-needed boost.

With the hospitality industry being the third largest employer in the country and responsible for over 9% of the country’s jobs, the scheme has come as a relief to restaurant owners and staff up and down the country, whose livelihood could be upheld as a result of the scheme.

Now that the scheme has begun, it is vital that your commercial kitchen is prepared for the increase in demand that is likely to occur:

First and foremost, it is paramount that your restaurant space is adequately laid out to adhere to social distancing rules. You should have a clear procedure in place for customers walking around the restaurant that should be explained on arrival to prevent customers from crossing paths and increasing the risk of transmission.

It is also important that your staff members are wearing adequate PPE equipment inside and outside the kitchen to prevent the spread of germs, virus and bacteria. Surfaces should be wiped down regularly and in between reservations to ensure that the next visitors are protected.

Staff should also be encouraged to wash their hands regularly, especially when handling packaging and foods such as fruits, vegetables or bakery goods, as studies have shown that transmission is possible if the food has become infected and the handler transfers the virus to their mouth or eyes (BfR, 2020).

How CK Direct can help you

At CK Direct, we understand how important it is to clean and maintain your commercial kitchen so that your restaurant can thrive. We have several solutions for you to ensure that this happens.


We have partnered up with GreenTeck Global to offer the EnozoPRO Spray Bottle, a natural cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser that is the perfect solution for restaurants who need to quickly wipe down surfaces.

Just fill the bottle up with tap water, and the electrolytic cell within the spray bottle turns the water into aqueous ozone, nature’s most powerful sanitiser. Just fill the bottle from your tap, wait 30 seconds and then you’re good to go!


The installation of a kitchen extraction unit will work to increase your overall hygiene levels in your commercial kitchen, whilst simultaneously protecting your kitchen equipment and safeguarding against fire hazards.

Without the proper installation of an effective extraction system, you run the risk of unseen pollutants interfering with the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen.

It’s important to remember, however, that filters on your extraction system cannot remove all traces of grease and dirt. Cleanliness must remain a priority and your extraction unit’s ducts need to be regularly maintained. It’s therefore imperative that you have the right cleanliness strategies in place.


As a leading industry supplier, we will offer you the support that you need to ensure high standards of cleanliness and preparation for this busy period. Our team of specialists offer a first-class cleaning and maintenance service and can provide you with top-quality commercial kitchen equipment.

If you would like to find out more, please call us on 01733 230378 or send us an email at info@ckdirect.co.uk for more information.