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When it comes to commercial kitchens, there’s a lot to think about when installing canopy’s and ducting systems. Not just the logistics of size and positioning, but the system’s ability to deal with the amount of smoke, grease and heat that your cooking equipment produces. But once everything is purchased and installed, there’s still one very important thing to understand:

Your ducting DOES need to be professionally maintained.

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  1. Tell us the size of your canopy/ hood
  2. Give us a brief description of the duct run
  3. Tell us if there are inspection hatches fitted
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  5. We’ll give you an approximate cost over the phone

If you are still unsure, then we can send a trained engineer to your premises to carry out a full and professional, kitchen ducting survey (chargeable).

If you’ve never had your canopy and ducting cleaned by CK Direct then now is the perfect opportunity to give us a call. Why? Well we’re offering 50% off the cost of your first clean! (Terms & Conditions Apply), helping you to run a cleaner, more efficient kitchen and not forgetting, one that meets all legal requirements.

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