Stainless Steel Table 1

In addition to our renowned ventilation and extraction equipment, CK Direct specialise in manufacturing and fitting a comprehensive range of essential fabricated stainless steel items for commercial and industrial kitchens.

For example: Stainless Steel Tables are designed to help you keep your kitchen organised, hygienic and safe. They are easy to maintain, corrosion resistant, durable, versatile and especially hygienic for food preparation.

Stainless Steel Table 2

Available as free standing centre benches or wall benches, commercial stainless steel tables are a popular option for catering businesses, restaurants, cafes, take-outs and pubs and come in sizes to suit the shape and layout of your kitchen.

Stainless steel benches are made to be versatile through conformity of size options and design, so they can be purchased in multiple numbers, giving you the option to extend a work surface along a wall, or group together work benches in the centre of the kitchen.

And if you’ve an eye for design esthetics, the stainless steel used in our tables is an elegant match with our other kitchen design essentials, including extraction hoods, floor cupboards, sinks and hand wash basins, racks and steel shelving. Click here to view our Stainless Steel product range.