The Current Situation

Hopefully, it is not too soon to say, we are all coming out of a dreadful couple of years. We’ve suffered shutdowns with the inevitable pressure on finances. We recently had to face another variant, Omicron, with its rapid spread causing staff shortages in our businesses as well as our suppliers.

So now we live with it

Businesses were kept open through the festive season so income could begin to flow into the deep holes left by the effects of the pandemic. Unfortunately, Omicron spreads quickly and easily leading to staff having to isolate and putting pressure on our workflow and finances yet again.

What’s the best way to cope?

  1. Keep the restaurant sanitized
    By fogging the restaurant each morning using the Aquateck Fogging systems.
  2. Keep all surfaces sanitized
    Spray and wipe down tables and the kitchen surfaces using the Enozo hand-held sprays.
  3. Operate a 2-meter separation policy
    By keeping the tables further apart you will not only give your customers a sense of security but safeguard your staff as well.
    Your cover numbers will fall but at least you will keep trading rather than having a stop/start business.
  4. Be seen to sanitize
    You might have fogged in the morning and cleaned down each table and work surface but your customers will get a greater sense of security if they see you doing it before they reach their table.
  5. Advertise your policy against Covid
    Simple things can carry a lot of weight with customers. For example:

    • A line at the bottom of your menu describes the sanitizing measure you take.
    • A line at the bottom of your local adverts describing the sanitizing measure you take.
    • Photographs of the fogging that takes place each morning as well as the spraying of the bar and service counter.


We have to live with the flu and now we have to live with Covid so develop your own measures and let people know. These things will build confidence for your customers and help to ensure a steady business throughout 2022. CK Direct specialise in commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems but also provide the sanitisation equipment described here too. So, invest in a stable future and ensure continuous trading.

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