As the UK’s catering industry enters its busiest time of the year, there’s a warning of increased fire hazard to properties because of grease accumulation in extract ducts.

The festive season of office and family parties and the growth in the number of restaurants in the U.K brings with it a corresponding increase in serious restaurant fires, says Tony Ricciardi, MD of Peterborough based CK Direct, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of extraction and ventilation equipment.

CK Direct has produced a series of free guides to help caterers stay the right side of health, safety and fire prevention legislation* and says a key factor in protecting against fires is the often-overlooked gas interlock safety valve.

Anyone with catering premises understands that a restaurant kitchen without a proper ventilation system is a major safety hazard. But it’s often wrongly assumed that the ventilation is simply to make the area more comfortable and free from smells, smoke and steam, says Tony Ricciardi, MD at CK Direct.

“When there is a grease build-up on the commercial hood, any small spark can ignite it into a full-scale fire,” he advises.

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