CK Direct have had the amazing opportunity to implement brand new Ventilated Ceilings and Air Jet Canopies in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant.

The London-based restaurant was the perfect candidate for the latest additions to CK Direct’s product range. During the restaurant’s 8-week refurbishment, the existing extract systems within the kitchen and rooftop were stripped out and replaced.

Roof Mounted Air Handling Units, Extract & Supply Fans, Air Conditioning and Toilet Ventilation – All of which was fitted to service the launch of the showpiece Ventilated Ceiling, Air Jet Canopy System and the new Air Jet Extract Hood.

How do these new installations improve the restaurant?

Ventilated Ceiling

The modular ventilated ceiling system is perfect for kitchens with an extensive range of cooking surfaces. It’s recommended for kitchens where natural points of extraction such as windows cannot be utilised—in other words, places like a residential area in London.

The ceiling system is ideal for cooking areas that are viewable to the public. The consumer can see the staff hard at work, whilst the staff retain a safe and clean environment.

Air Jet Canopy system

CK Direct’s Air Jet Canopy System allows the kitchen ventilation system to provide sufficient capture and containment at a minimal exhaust flow rate. It creates negative pressure along the front edge and side of the hood, assisting in containment of heat and effluents in the critical work area.

The high efficiency of Air Jet kitchen ventilation systems reduces the effective net exhaust volumes, whilst improving extraction efficiency and minimising fan and ductwork size.

Air Jet hoods prevent the heat and impurities produced by cooking appliances from spreading to the work area. The hoods deliver a small air flow to push the upward-flowing thermal current toward the filters.

Included inside CK Direct’s hoods are unique Franke Cascade filters, which remove 95% of grease particles sized eight microns and above. These save on energy and maintenance, as the pressure loss is low, and the stainless-steel filters are easy to clean.


CK Direct Senior Design Engineer, Martin Culham was thrilled to see their new products in action at such a high-profile establishment.

“In this, and also past cases where CK Direct have had the opportunity to introduce our services to a renowned restaurant, we’ve relished the chance to show what we’re capable of. Time and again we’ve seen that our innovations in ventilation are exactly what these establishments are seeking.”

Martin continued and explained that refurbishments like this one will not only benefit the restaurant’s employees, but their customers too. Cleaner and safer kitchens are a win-win!