CK Direct is proud to announce it has been accepted by ceda as a Silver Partner to offer ceda members the best in professional kitchen ventilation and extraction solutions, designed and manufactured by the Peterborough-based company.

“Since 2002 CK Direct has developed a reputation for innovation, specialist advice and manufacturing excellence when it comes to professional kitchen ventilation and extraction systems. We have seen ceda developing into a leading resource and authority in design, projects and equipment for the food service and hospitality sectors and the time is ideal for us to add our reputation in kitchen ventilation and extraction to them and to work closely with member companies. Our client base already includes ceda members, architects, food service consultants and many of the UK’s leading restaurants, so connecting directly with more ceda members is great for us,” comments CK Direct Managing Director Tony Ricciardi.

The CK Direct extraction hoods are designed to the UK’s current DW/172 specification for commercial kitchen ventilation systems from the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) that reflects the latest legislation, cooking techniques and types of professional catering equipment. Offered in 1000, 1200 and 1500mm deep models, the extraction hood designs embody CK Direct’s experience in working with foodservice operations across all sectors to provide effective kitchen ventilation.

CK Direct’s continued investment in the latest equipment enables it to design, manufacture and install high quality professional kitchen extraction and ventilation systems at a competitive price with fast turnaround times. The experienced team of designers, fabricators and installation engineers will be on-hand at CK Direct for ceda members and their clients to deliver just what they need for successful and profitable food service operations.


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