CK Direct Ltd has recently announced the signing of a licence agreement to make its core range of extraction hoods available in New Zealand, through Staybrite Stainless Fabricators, based in Christchurch and Auckland.

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CK Direct’s reputation as specialists in the high-quality design and manufacture of professional kitchen ventilation systems is now growing and filtering into international markets.

Extraction hoods and international demand


Staybrite Stainless Fabricators, a manufacturer of high quality custom-made stainless steel products, specialising in Commercial Kitchen applications were actively looking for low velocity hoods, of which supply in New Zealand is limited. Grant Allan, a Director of the business confirms:

“We wanted to get an edge on the completion by going to market with the latest technology in a short time-frame.”

With this a priority and knowing of the capabilities of CK Direct, now well and truly established in the UK, Staybrite reached out to discuss a partnership. Grant Allan continues:

“Staybrite were looking for a partner in the UK at the leading edge of commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems, who could help us make inroads into the low velocity hood market in New Zealand.”

The licence agreement between CK Direct and Staybrite will strengthen the New Zealand-based fabricators position as a leading manufacturer of bespoke stainless steel products, which Allan reiterates:

“The partnership gives our customers access to the latest generation of commercial kitchen ventilation and extraction systems and not only that, they’ll get them at competitive prices.”

Diversifying into new markets


For CK Direct, the partnership is just as lucrative and as mentioned, the deal puts them in touching distance of a wider, international market and justifies the hard work that the team has focused into the development of nine specific extraction hood styles and manufacturing this range to the highest UK and EU standards.

The focused approach has paid dividends – especially with its current customer-base, which now spans all sub-sectors of the foodservice and hospitality industry in the UK.

Tony Ricciardi, Managing Director at CK Direct commented on diversifying in the marketplace:

“Our success in the UK has given us the confidence to diversify and test international markets. When you know that your product is in demand overseas, it makes that decision to broaden sales even easier.”

Operations Director, Carlo Cataldo supports Tony’s views and puts their success down to two decades worth of valuable experience:

“We have consistently and convincingly provided the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for commercial kitchens for the past 20 years. We employ talented designers and have always applied the highest quality manufacturing standards, using the best possible materials for the build of safe and efficient commercial kitchen equipment.”

Extraction Hoods at the highest standards


CK Direct extraction hoods are designed to the UK’s current DW/172 specification for commercial kitchen ventilation systems, as regulated by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), reflecting the latest legislation, cooking techniques and types of professional catering equipment.

Offered in 1000, 1200 and 1500mm deep models, extraction hood designs draw on the experience CK Direct have built through the work they have carried out for some of the best foodservice operations and kitchen professionals in the industry, with one overriding goal in mind: The implementation of the most effective kitchen ventilation available.

Tony concluded:

“We are extremely proud to have our range of extraction hoods now available in New Zealand. It’s reassuring that more foodservice operators now have access to great quality kitchen extraction. You can never under-estimate the impact great quality equipment can have in the running of a safe, efficient and professional kitchen.

By helping to effectively eliminate odours and remove dirt and grease, CK Direct’s extraction solutions ensure a much-improved environment for kitchen staff and customers alike.”

CK Direct Ltd is one of the country’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems, steel fabrication and odour control solutions. For more information on their full service and capabilities or specific information on extraction hoods, use the details below or contact them directly on 01733 230378.


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