So, this is Christmas

There have been, and still are, a lot of difficulties for all in the catering business.

The energy bills are higher, the raw materials are more costly and the squeeze on disposable income is reducing the numbers of people eating out or getting takeaways.

But it is still the festive season and it’s a time that people have always, and will always, look forward to.

So, there are opportunities for all to have a good Christmas and New Year celebration be it dinner or caterer.

Are you ready?

If things are going to go smoothly and profitably you need to have already checked:

  • Your sanitisation processes and they are ready and well-stocked.
  • The extraction system is in tip-top condition, fans, lighting, and air input.
  • That your Canopy filters are clean and that you have replacements in stock.
  • The odour control system is clean and working properly.
  • That the gas interlock works perfectly, every time.
  • Your stainless-steel items including the wall cladding are just how you want them.

So, you’re ready for Christmas and the New Year celebrations – what about Valentines’?

Luckily, there are 6 full weeks before the Valentines’ weekend of 11/12 February.

If you’ve discovered any issues during the Christmas/New Year fortnight you have those 6 weeks to get things sorted out.

Then, there are a further 6 weeks before the Easter fortnight starting on 1st April and then only 2 weeks before the coronation of King Charles 3rd on May 6th

So, you really only have two periods of opportunity to get replacements, repairs or cleaning carried out to ensure that you don’t miss out on these 4 major catering opportunities.

Our experience can help you.

CK Direct has over 20 years of experience and covers the whole UK and can provide all or any of the following:

  • Tapered wall canopies suitable for buildings with restricted ceiling height,
Box-style wall canopies suitable for buildings with standard-height ceilings,
Single island type canopies
  • Double island canopies
  • Condenser hoods,
Ductless/re-circulating canopy systems,
High-pressure extract fans
  • Complete ducted systems
  • Service distribution units
  • Air replacement systems,
Tempered air systems
  • Gas interlock systems,
Stainless steel wall cladding
PVC / white rock cladding
  • Odour control systems including ozone and ESP systems
  • Noise control systems,
Duct cleaning and maintenance,
Fire suppression systems,
  • Heat recovery/hot water systems.

Be ready and be prepared or pick up the phone and call 01733 230378 and we’ll look after you, then you can concentrate on what you do best – catering.

Have a great Christmas and a Prosperous New Year